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Vision Onki Switch och Tvåhands Flugfiskespön

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Onki Switch och Tvåhands Flugfiskespön

Our full-scale single-hand rod series Onki nailed
it. Since the launch it has been a real
success in every possible way. Now our mission
is to do the same with new ONKI DH and ONKI
SWITCH rods. The quality of high-modulus Korean
graphite (40 tn) is something you normally
find only in more expensive rods and it enabled
us to create very light yet powerfull rods. The rest
of the components are of great quality as well.
These rods are in a great price range and when
compared to proven Tool rods they have a bit
softer action, especially in the case of SWITCH

- Medium fast action
- Four piece rods
- High-modulus Korean graphite (40tn)
- Green olive blanks with graphite grey markings
- Comes in a cordura tube

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